Business is booming. Which means competition in the IoT industry is booming too. 

How can you make sure your products shine brightest, win you market share, and set you up to lead the IoT revolution?

In this guide, you’ll find five areas of the IoT market that look set to explode in popularity. 

We’ve combed through the latest developments in the IoT market to find the biggest growth trends in IoT product development. You’ll discover: 

  • Why building a ‘business insights’ application for your IoT device can help your customers justify their IoT investment to their bosses
  • How to make the most of the explosion in healthcare IoT 
  • Why you should start emphasizing how your IoT data can be used in AI and machine learning applications
  • How embedded cyber security could become a huge marketing asset
  • Why your edge computing capabilities can make you a trusted long-term partner for companies  

 Discover the biggest trends in IoT devices