For at least a decade, Internet of Things (IoT) product sales have consistently lagged behind the hype. Despite the newspaper op-eds, Medium articles, and Gartner predictions, IoT product managers have often struggled to convince their customers to buy in.

This paper takes a product-focused deep-dive into the reasons businesses have been slow to embrace IoT, and includes step-by-step solutions for product folks challenged with overcoming IoT obstacles and boosting sales.

The paper explores the product lifecycle and shares an ‘outside-in’ approach that can alleviate customer concerns and what Henry Ford can teach you about horses (and what that has to do with selling technology).

In this paper you will learn:

  • The top 3 reasons customers are not buying IoT products 
  • 5 steps for product managers to boost sales
  • What 85% of business leaders say is the reason they do not buy IoT
  • How high profile hacks like Verkada amplify the problem
  • How to package and position your IoT products to give your customers exactly what they need – so buying in becomes a no-brainer

Fast and furious read.