What is CaaF?

In an era where privacy and security are front of mind when customers are deciding between competing smart and connected device brands, robust cybersecurity is a persuasive differentiator. It deserves equal billing with technical features, connectivity, and user-friendliness, but many brands are missing its huge potential.

Cyber as a Feature involves incorporating advanced cybersecurity capabilities into your connected device, such as real time threat prevention and 24/7 security monitoring and then leveraging this feature to market your product and enhance its appeal to your buyers.

Why should I read this whitepaper?

You’ll find this whitepaper valuable if:

  • You want to learn how marketing CaaF helps you build brand authority, capture customer loyalty and skyrocket sales.
  • You want to use CaaF as a USP other brands ignore, differentiate your products from competitors and trade on a robust reputation as an IoT brand customers trust in their homes.
  • You want to reach customers other IoT brands can’t, grow faster and expand into exciting new markets.
  • You want to learn more about a proactive cybersecurity solution which simultaneously protects your IoT device and your customer’s data, powered by 24/7 security monitoring and a suite of optional services including niche marketing.

Proactive IoT cybersecurity clinches the deal for customers who want to feel confident buying and using your product. CaaF helps your product team push success to the next level.

CaaF helps your product team push success to the next level.

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