Learn how to activate pre-installed Endpoint Protection on IoT devices deployed across the enterprise

Schedule 30 minutes with our endpoint expert and see how simple it is to activate Endpoint Protection to all of the IoT devices in your organization.

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Eliminate the risks of unsecured IoT, which comprise 30% of devices in the average organization

Give us 30 minutes and learn how Firedome is democratizing Endpoint Protection to include IoT endpoints and complements your existing security stack.

Our IoT security expert will guide you through our EPP for IoT and you will discover how simple it is to activate EPP on IoT devices deployed in your network, with integration into your existing SIEM.

In only 30 minutes, you’ll understand:

  • How IoT devices deployed in your network are being used as an entry point to launch undetectable supply chain and insider threat attacks. Once inside the network, attackers pivot deeper into the enterprise network and execute attacks resulting in business disruption and data leakage across the organization.
  • How Firedome EPP bridges existing security gaps to IoT devices in your organization
  • How simple it is to activate our Endpoint Protection agent in existing devices deployed in your organization
  • How our Defense in Depth protection capabilities enable us to detect and prevent attacks throughout the attack chain

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